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With SunCandyTM Citrus,
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A Proud Sponsor

We believe every child deserves a sweet and juicy start to the day. Watch out for our specially marked bags celebrating our partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada.

BCC helps over 580,000 children in over 3,500 programs access a nutritious breakfast each morning, ensuring children have an equal chance to learn. SunCandy is proudly supporting BCC, donating over 15,000 lbs of clementines and a portion of 2024 sales to their efforts to positively impact health and learning in children

Clementine Mandarins

Sweet as candy and easy-to-peel, our carefully selected clementines picked from the world’s finest clementine trees.

Bring joy to your lunchboxes and sweetness to your snacking with this bright, fresh, juicy delight.

Cara Cara Oranges

As pretty as they are juicy and sweet, SunCandyTM Cara Caras are a mouthful of sunshine.

Blood Oranges

With a blushed peel and a crimson centre SunCandyTM Blood Oranges are a juicy sweet feast for the senses.

Our Growers Network

The glowing sun never sets in SunCandyTM land. SunCandyTM is picked and selected from the finest growers around the world, at their peak season, so your family can experience the bounty of the world’s finest citrus year-round.

Something new is on the horizon!

Stay tuned as we open up our SunCandyTM
world to more juicy surprises.

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