• Christian Weber 2016 site refresh with Topiary JSON Templating.

    Recently just finished a refresh of the index of christian weber. The newest iteration of the site uses Topiary, a brand new templating system that I've been developing that works with our information management system Tree & Field.  

    Topiary is an extremely light weight, flexible, mobile first & SEO friendly one page web application that runs of local JSON objects published by Tree & Field. It was extremely enjoyable to work with vs. the previous version of the system & compared to other bloated front end CMS framework combos that are popular these days.

    I'm currently working on one other site using this new system and hope to polish it up in the coming year.

  • Dead Celebz MVP e-commerce

    I recently had a chance to work with the Shopify Java-script API to resurrect an old brand of mine Dead Celebz. The goal, put up an e-commerce site as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible. The Shopify API is incredibly powerful for quickly putting up a cart and check out experience. I was impressed at how easy it came together. Although the lite version of the plan is missing some major features especially in shipping calculation, it's a great way to get up and moving with a minimum viable product.  

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  • Ricky Truth Website Refresh

    It's been a while since I've taken any time to update my portfolio site www.rickytruth.com. The lack of updates is something akin to the cobbler having no shoes. Being too busy with other work to work on your presentation. During this refresh I explored various Blog style layouts, One-page scrollers as well as traditional thumbnail views with a hero image. Although this site will always be a work in progress, I landed on a split screen overlay UI to present new news as well as immediately present work to the viewer. I'm satisfied with this solution.

    I've also integrated a full site search using the Algolia API. Algolia is a great solution for a searchable portfolio and news. It worked so well I'm using it as my main portfolio database as well as a search navigation tool. I list some pre-selected search terms as nav links that when clicked autofill the search, drawing the user deeper into the search experience.

    Lastly, I'm experimenting with a full page footer. Think of it as a reverse splash page, It's a fun UI element that can be used to display some engaging content without putting up the proverbial brick wall on the site that many users will never go beyond.

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  • It's been a long time...

    New updates are in the works.

    I've been busy with several side projects as well as architecting & programming an iOS app for people with a heavy NDA... To many time consuming activities.

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  • Question Reality

  • Why I'm not on Instagram

    I don't like instagram for two reasons. The first and most important, all the images are squares. L7. I realize the instagram format is a Polaroid metaphor and the images are meant to mimic that classic format. The square format limits all the compositional variations that can be had from cropping.

    The Second, I spent 12 years making my own personal photo blog.

    So I have a biased opinion.

  • One Nation?

  • Revlon Suncandy Nail Polish vs. SunCandy

    So I googled "suncandy" the other day. To my surprise, Revlon has created a nail polish with the same name, and a similar logo to my masthead / logotype. I've definitely inspired someone working for Revlon...

    I've owned suncandy.com and run the SunCandy phot blog for nearly 15 years. --> Suncandy on the wayback machine 2001

    In that time I've been working in the creative profession and worked with a few fashion and beauty brands.

    Here's my best guess either someone I've worked with in the past, had some type of position at Revlon and used my logo as the springboard for the nail polish logo. Or... the designer googled "suncandy" saw my work, and made it cuties wootsie for the nail polish.

    Either way fuck Revlon Suncandy nail polish.

    If you want to get your nails did use super black.

  • Suncandy periodic blog and images

    SunCandy was a photo blog I maintained for 12 years. A picture a day from 2001 until the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of the world in 2012. In many ways my world did end around that time. And now I'm dealing with the frustrating new existence. However life goes on completely changed and superficially unchanged.

    I'm in the process of rebuilding SunCandy as a blog and news site.

    Stay tuned.